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P 22

You are making an Rural neighborhood on large flat land!

Population: 15 people live in your neighborhood!  Write your population on your graphic organizer.  Because you are an rural community, you can only build houses for people to live in.  Each house is worth 3 people.

What jobs do you want the people in your neighborhood to have?

Vegetable Farms
(Growing corn, beans, wheat, and other tasty things)

What is it?
Farms are needed for food companies to make products and for people buy fresh produce at supermarkets and farm stands. 

What do you need?
If you want your community have farms it will need lots of clear fields, fences to show farm borders, and barns to hold equipment and store produce.

Oil Fields
(Big oil drills that dig into the ground and pull out oil)

What is it?
Oil is an important natural resource.  It is needed to make plastic and gasoline for cars.  An oil field a large area of land that has a lot of oil underground.  You will see many oil drills pumping oil out of the ground.  

What do you need?
You will need to set a lot of land  for the oil field.  You will also need a lot of trucks to move the oil from the field to the refinery in the suburb.
Wind Farm
(Big windmills that make electricity when the wind turns them)

What is it?
The plains are windy places.  Big windmills turn in the wind and produce energy for towns and cities.  It is a very green way to make energy.  That means it is good for the environment.

What do you need?
You will need a lot of land for the wind farm.
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