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GL 08

You are making an suburban neighborhood on the shore of a giant lake!

Population: 36 people live in your neighborhood!  Write your population on your graphic organizer.  Because you are an suburban community, you can build houses for people to live in.  Each house is worth 3 people.

What jobs do you want the people in your neighborhood to have?

(companies that make hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken nuggets)

What is it?
Meatpacking companies take meat from farmers and make packaged food for restaurants and supermarkets.  Food like chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and sausages come from meatpacking companies.

What do you need?
If you want your community have meat packing companies you will need lots of factories.


What is it?
Colleges are big schools where thousands of people go to learn after high school.  Colleges train doctors, scientists, teachers, and many other professionals.

What do you need?
If you want your community to have colleges, you will need a lot of schools and libraries.
Making Car Parts
(companies that make car parts for car makers)

What is it?
Car part makers are important to supply car makers and car mechanics with car parts.  

What do you need?
If you choose to have car part makers, you will need a lot of factories.
Nov 1, 2010, 2:50 PM